After you have made your purchase, you will receive an email from MINIMVL™ with your receipt and your files. This should happen straight away, however, give it a little bit of time if it doesn't. Be sure to check your spam and junk folders.

If you still are finding it difficult to download your files please message me your email address and I will happily directly send those to you as soon as possible :)

To download use safari or any other web browser you have on your phone.
Save the zip files to your device files -> head over to 'files' app to locate the zip files you just saved -> locate the files and tap on each one (2) to unzip -> and new folder (2) will appear with all of the images in it.


Make sure you have the icons sent to your phone and in your camera roll first.
1. You’re going to go to the shortcuts app on your iPhone.
2. Press the plus sign on the top right corner
3. Press “add action”
4. Press “scripting”
5. Press “open app”
6. Press “choose”
7. Choose the app you want to open with your new icon.
8. Press the three dots on the top right corner
9. Press “Add to Home Screen”
10. Type your app name into the text box
11. Click the little box on the left and press “choose photo”
12. Select your desired icon from and adjust the sizing to whatever you please
13. Press “add” up the top corner
14. Type in a shortcut name to whatever app it is.
15. Press done and then done again and your new icon will appear on your home screen.
16. To remove the original apps. Hold down on the app and press "Remove App" then press "Move to App Library". Your original app will then be in your app library furthest on the right.


PLEASE, if you experience any issues, contact me. I am certain that I can help you one way or another :)


Products should not be shared or resold. These products are for your own personal use only.